Thursday, April 05, 2007

Another!!! Bomb Threat

My mom and I are staying home today to clean house. The boo-bear called and said she forgot something and needed it NOW MOM!!! I hurried and got in the shower, put the hair up in a ponytail and as I was going out the door my mom said, "It sounds like there are a lot of kids outside." Uh-oh! I looked over the balcony and sure enough the whole school was standing in our courtyard. There was another bomb threat. Can you believe this??????????????????????

It is just sooo stupid for someone to do this. The cops and fire departments have to come, buses have to be brought in, the school is evacuated for the day and they have to feed all the kids and keep them in limbo for the whole day. The cost of all this is astronomical! Also when they find out who did it that kid has to be sent back to the states. I think the parents have to pay for that ticket and the cost of having all those buses come is about $7000!! Yeah. Who do you think pays for that...the parents. People also get numb to the threats. The kids think it's a party. Thank goodness the school takes every threat seriously...even though I am soooo sure they don't want to.

Okay, on to "funner" things. My mom got my twin nephews these cutie-pa-tootie jackets the other day at Osan.

And a Coach purse for my neice, Valerie.

Just another day at Chez' Owens!

happy days folks, happy days.


Aunt Joan said...

Thank Goodness everyone is all well & safe!!!!!!!!
Now you tell that Gramma- a go go that I'm calling her Gramma a come come. lol Happy Easter to the Owens.
Safe travels sister.
Joanie bologna

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Those superman jackets are the best! The phone-in-bomber should be made to pay! Unreal.

Lauren The Artist said...

Another bomb threat is insane! I wonder if it was the same as before with a note in teh bathroom? That would be one zealous kid! But either way, I'm glad the kids are fine and I'm glad mine was "home sick" today. ~jen~

ps cute superman jackets.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you all are having a great visit. I can't belive there was another bomb theat. Just some dumb kid wanting to start spring break early I guess.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Well i suppose that got some kid out of a test they hadn't studied for but it's an expensive business. i nearly died at the April Fool...good joke! tracey