Thursday, April 12, 2007

Last day as an only child.

My two oldest are coming home tonight!! I decided to celebrate Boo-Bears last day of "Spring Break as an Only Child" by taking her and her friend downtown. Love that downtown!!
1st order of the day is to get a soda!! (no, boo-bear doesn't have two of them is mine :) )
Feeling way cool after the sugar rush!
Much mugging for the camera went on much to the delight of all the Korean people who stare at us in hopes that we may do something American/exciting. Every time I whipped out the camera people would stop and get their camera phones ready juuuuuuuust in case. :)
After hitting most of the shops in a hundred mile radius we decided to get some lunch. Not any ole' American lunch for us explorers either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nope!! We opted for.................................. ITALIAN!!

As soon as lunch was over I took them to some more shops and had them begging me to TAKE THEM HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heehee wore their little b-hinies out!!

Here's what waited for us when we did get home. Buster the Wild Cat!

Hope everyone else had a great day!!!!


Rebekah said...

Your boo bear looks so much like her momma! She is growing so FAST! Give her big hugs from me! She still talks to me on myspace. i feel so special! I love you all!

Kim said...

So glad you had a good day. Great pictures! LOL about the Koreans with their camera phones.

Allie said...

love the sleeping after...all tuckered out from a day of shopping. Love it!!

Jenna said...

Looks like you guys had a great time shopping!! Things are looking much better here and I AM watching where I happen to be backing up!!

Carol said...

Ooooh look at Buster, what a funny pic. Love reading your blog but don't often comment. Buster has brought me out of my shell !!