Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dinner with the new table

When we went to Ms. Lee's furniture store yesterday my mom got the Capt this table. He has been wanting one since we lived in Okinawa. We decided to celebrate by getting out the table grill and cooking bul-go-bi. I found all of my asian bowls, cooked up a pot of rice and it was on. Here is the meat cooking...yumm!!!!

For desert we had some sliced pineapple with brown sugar on top. It was so much fun!!! I'm telling ya we are having so much fun with Grandma-A-Go-Go!!!!! We sure do wish you were here with us Daddy!!!!!


Lauren The Artist said...

So what time should we be over tonight?? That looks so fun!


Aunt Joan said...

That meal looks sooooooooooo good.
Glad you're all having fun.
Love You

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good trip Barb! Have fun...and behave yourself... OK!!! (you too Dawn)
Love Ya!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Looks like great fun. We have a stone-thing to cook on, table-top, that we got in Megeve, Switzerland for raclette. I haven't thought about that in years but think we may do that soon, if I can find it!

Diana LaMarre said...

That looks like a fun meal. I can taste the sugary goodness of that pineapple just by looking at the picture.

Thanks for leaving me the comment, Dawn. (No, it wasn't you.)

Happy birthday six days early!