Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Day out downtown and my Birthday Party with our English Class

Today Sarah and I went out with Walker Jen. She had her three kiddos with her and her mom-in-law. Walker Jen, being her awsome self, got me some presents for my ole' b-day. Here are some distressed boxes I'm using on my table to hold stuff.And here is one of those rockin' gifts you only get from another quilter....a quarter inch foot!!!!! I saw hers when I was over one day and although I'm ashamed to admit it, I may have had quarter foot envy...heehee Thanks Jen!!!!!!! On to our day of shopping for "Stuff That Must Be Purchased". First stop is Dunkin Donuts cause hey, that's how we roll! Here are three of the kiddos hyped up on sugar. :)While we were walking around I saw this...
It's one of the places we ate at when my mom was here....and she was sick later on that night. hmmmmmmmmmmm Maybe we now know why. They were taking everything apart and demolishing the whole place...can you say "Health Inspector"! This next picture is one I took of the zillions of food vendors that are everywhere here. The thing I find most interesting is the "communial" bowls. See the two bowls that are on the ledge there?? Everyone sits down, gets a bowl of whatever the person is cooking and uses these bowls to dip out of. Everyone! There isn't one bowl per's one bowl for everyone! And no one gets sick here cept' us Americanos.
Yeah, found the Olive Garden here in Korea. :)

After our donuts we were worried that there may be some calories not yet consumed so we stopped by this bakery and loaded up on sugary goodness.

When we left downtown we headed over to the market. Whenever we go here we park at the hospital/morgue. Patients staying in hospitals here walk around in hospital garb WITH THE IV BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This guy was watching the cars come and go to the parking garage. I've seen this many many times all over the place here. You are driving along minding your own business and BAMB! you see someone who looks like they just had an operation walking around with the IV bag getting some fresh air! Makes me and Walker Jen laugh every time!

Later on that night we had our Tuesday night English class. We had to take boo-bear since her older brother and sister were away on their service trip with the youth at church. When we get there the students had set up a birthday celebration for me!!! We had cake and the birthday song in English the Korean and I got these awesome flowers and this pottery set. The pottery is made by the husband of one of the ladies in class. I was thrilled to get this!!! I collect tea sets and hadn't gotten one from Korea yet. Thanks you guys!!!!!!

I think today I am going to take it easy. We did something every day when my mom was here and this week has been busy as well. Today I've decided to play with my new quarter inch foot from Jen and just hang out in the sewing room. I'm going to get boo-bear some her hair...and send her outside to play. Sigh......blessed quiet!!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!!


Elaine Adair said...

You will LOVE that quarter inch foot! My sewing efficiency and speed and accuracy improved 100% ( whatever the number is ...) and it reduced my eye-strain. I LOVE mine. You will have to trim off triangle points though - they don't feed through well if they extend past 1/4 inch.

Happy sewing!

Cynthia said...

Happy Birthday Dawn!!! What a busy day you had. I'm always amazed in the different lifestyle there is there in Korea compared to Australia

Rebekah said...

I miss you!!!!!

Kim West said...

Happy birthday!

Lauren The Artist said...

Wow, your 29th birthday was quite good to you! Happy Birthday! What have you made with the 1/4" foot??? We need pictures.


My Thanh said...

Happy Birthday! What's a quarter foot?