Thursday, August 23, 2007

I guess I'm a thief...

When we first moved to Korea we got our home right away. The housing office had us signed and into our base home in a day. The bad thing about that is all of our stuff was on a ship somewhere. Two months away. Not to fear...every base has a loan closet. You can go there and check out linens or tvs or pots and pans. They have everything! I went with my kiddos and we got a few things to tide us over til my own things arrived. We borrowed a tv, a microwave, an ironing board and some other small things.
This was a year ago. Since then I've gotten a few nice reminder emails from the closet asking for their stuff back. I had good intentions!!!! I swear I did!!! I just kept forgetting!
Well today they decided that they'd had it with me. I got a nasty gram. They threw off the nice gloves and threatened me with contacting my hubby's commander. Whew!
I'm a thief people!!! heehee Actually the stuff is in our storage area waiting for me to get off my lazy behind and turn it in.
Guess what my big plans are for tomorrow???!! I am going to walk right in and tell them my name is 'Walker Jen' and I'm here to return my stuff!!! hahahahaha I'll let ya know how it goes.


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Makes perfect sense to me!!! And mine would still be sitting there to go back as well.
What name did we decide? And I want pics posted of the spandex as well!!
How about, "New Dawn", no sounds like a religious movement. What about "Dawn of Wonder", no, sounds like something to describe an intimate scene in a mills and boon romance.
I've got it! "Invisible dawn" wait, that's just what the people who lent you the stuff call you!!!! lol Tracey