Monday, August 20, 2007

feeling like a movie star...

On Saturday, since the Capt was laid up with a hurt ankle, we decided to go for a drive out in the countryside. I never knew Korea could be so beautiful and I am kicking myself that I didn't think to bring the camera. As we were driving we saw a bunch of fruit and vegetable stands. The Capt had me pull over so he could (against the doctors orders) get out and peruse. The first stand we walked up to had a little old lady all bent over piling up her fruit. I said Onyahasayo (hello) and grinned at her. She turned around and got the biggest smile on her face and then started laughing and jumping up and down clapping her hands! She was talking a mile a minute..I didn't understand any of what she was saying but hey, I went with it and started laughing with her. The Capt stood by smiling quietly enjoying the show she and I were putting on. For $5 we got a huge bag of ummmmmm I'm not to sure what it was she sold us but if you think I'd leave her without buying anything after she was so happy to see us well... I just couldn't. I don't think she ever got an American at her stand before. She was so happy!! We shook hands and left to go to another stand down the street and bought this green beauty. What is it you ask?? We have no earthly idea! They are everywhere here and the hubby couldn't resist getting one. The guy at this stand was pretty surprised when we walked up as well. It was great!!!! By this time the Capt was in a lot of pain so we turned around and went home. It was a nice day, feeling like a movie star and all!
Hey...does anyone out there know what this thingie is and what we are supposed to do with it??
We are going to watch it for a couple of days and then cut into it. I'll keep ya posted. :)


Mary Ann/Ca said...

I laughed but could understand ..kind of. we were just in India for my DD wedding. Of course we had to do the sighting seeing thing as it was out first trip. My son who is 35yr old, red head, 260lbs and 6'4" got stopped at every location at least once and asked to take pictures with him! At the Taj, at Agra fort at the Mosque in Delhi, even in the was the wildest thing. Our guide speculated it was because wrestling is hot in India (who knew) and he looks like he could be a star. He was good natured and now is featured in a dozen of buddy pictures!
Hope the Capt is feeling better soon!

Kim said...

Well, I put in "Korean Fruit" and did an image search at Yahoo, and it might--just might--be a melon. No guarantees though. I CAN tell you that you got lucky. There's a lot of really weird looking "Korean Fruit" out there. Believe it or not, my search results even included George W. Bush. Yep, no kidding! Do let us know what it is though with photos of the inside. Oh! Just occurred to me--maybe you can feed it to those maurading teenagers! Just a thought.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I have no idea...but couldn't have left it there either!! Tracey