Friday, August 17, 2007

Just a typical Friday morning. :) Thank God!

Just sitting here at the puter' today being glad that it's a typical Friday. The hubby is at work after we had coffee together and I'm getting ready to get some house work done. Everything is quite cozy over my way. :)
The only blip on the screen is I've spent the last hour on the phone with my bank. There was a debit on our checking account I had a question about and before I could say boo the account was shut down and I had spoken to 4 different people. I'm glad that they were so careful and wanted to make sure I was taken care of but my gosh!!!! 4 different people in an hour! Sheesh! Only to be told I couldn't get a new debit card sent to our PO Box. See we all get our mail at a PO Box here in Korea. Everyone can sure send me bills with no problem!!!! Why not a new card so I can buy some fabric??!!! I have things to buy people!
Yesterday Walker Leigh and I got our kiddos together and headed off to shop at the AF base three hours away. She drove cause she is an angel and I was her side-kick in charge of keeping her awake and giving her good conversation. A good time was had by all. Much shopping was done by the whole Owens family. I think the kiddos are ready for school to begin. We have a week left and then peace will be restored in my heart. I will have my house back. sounds lovely doesn't it??!!!!
Okay, I'm off to start house cleaning. I just wanted to hop online and get a post done. I've been so lazy about getting on this thing. I will promise to be better. I need to get the camera out and start taking pics again. Oh, a funny thing did happen to me last week....Boo Bear and I were driving to go and check the mail. I stopped at a stop light and looked over at this little ole' man. He smiled a gum less smile at me while he sat on the corner and then he did the funniest thing! Get ready!!! He moved the leg of his shorts over and flashed his icky man-pee-pee at me all while laughing! My mouth fell open! What are you gonna do?????? Then I started cracking up! Boo Bear looked at me and said, "What?? What just happened??" I just smiled at the man and drove away. Made my day!!! Tooooo funny for words! What is it with crazy stuff happening when I am in the car????????????????????????????????????????
heeheehee I'm still laughing about it. Okay, now I'm really behind...gotta go. Have a great day everyone!!!


JudyL said...

Have you checked to make sure there are no crazy bumper stickers or writing on the sides of your vehicle?

Tiki said...

So glad that you're back girlfriend!! I've missed all of your wonderful stories!