Friday, August 24, 2007

my inner coolness...

On Monday my kids go back to school. I must admit to feeling immense happiness that they will be out of my hair for 6 hours a day. I was thinking about what to do with myself. All that luscious time! I'm going to sub, sure, but hopefully not EVERY day. So what to do??

I am going to re-discover my inner coolness.

Not that I was ever very cool but I know a raging super diva is in me screaming to come out. To start, I have a date on Monday with some really cool-io women. It is the birthday of our very own Walker Leigh. A couple of us have decided to take Korea by storm and help her to celebrate while the kiddos are in school. I promise to document every delicious detail!!
Ummmmm I can't think of any more but you get the general idea. Come on back Monday when I have all the proof of my coolness re-found.

p.s. Walker Jen will be unable to join us as her little guy is starting Kindergarten and she will be a-meeting with the teacher like any good momma would. Her inner coolness will surface on Tuesday.

Peace Out!


The Jen said...

My inner coolness runneth over... I have a myspace. :) HAHHAHAH.


Tiki said...

I wished I was there to go out with all of you cool-io girls!!! Have a great, great time!

As for Walker Jen...I had Myspace before she did!!

Rebekah said...

Can I be coolio too? I am so jealous! I wanna be there! i need to talk to you... needing some of your super powers to give me some guidance! Where are you when I need you? Like when I have to drink margaritas alone, or when I need to be a little girl again! You are the coolest ever...

Lil said...

Ah- you keep me entirely amused.... i tell ya- you truly make me laugh!!! =) cool-i-o and inner coolness will surface on Monday. ROFL!!!

Keep it coming and thanks for the laugh!