Saturday, August 18, 2007

I live in the ghetto...

I live in the ghetto. There, I said it. I do you know. Let me explain. When the hubby told us the Air Force was sending us to Korea we were pretty excited. Korea = no deployment for the Capt so I packed up the kiddos the dog and the cat and off we went. We get to our Post and they give us a home in about 2.3 hours. Great. No problem there. Then we drive over to see where we are going to live. I am thinking that the housing office knows who we are and that my hubby is an all important Capt able to leap tall buildings in single bounds so there is a mansion awaiting us. Ha. Ha. Ha. They put us in the ghetto. The building we live in is 5 stories tall and the apartment is a nice size. The thing I have a problem with...the thing that is keeping me up at nights is the trash...and the lawn...and the 5 year old kiddos out at 10pm who desperately need a tissue. Upstairs Paige and I joke about living in the ghetto and we have gotten really good at singing the Elvis song "In the Ghetto". I just don't get the trash. Why oh why, with 5 HUGE trash receptacles do people persist in throwing their bags of yuck by said trash receptacle.

I have composed a letter to them...

Dear Nasty Trash Throwers,

My name is Dawn. I have a tidy soul. We have to live next to each other for the next year or so. I have a request and I ask this of you with all respect...could you throw your diapers in the trash can?? Could you have someone pick up the couch you no longer want so it's not sitting there looking at me and taunting me for a week. While I have your attention can I please explain to you that your 5 year old is to young to watch your twin 2 year olds. And your 16 year old is to young to be laying on the picnic table with her 19 year old boyfriend. If you all would just do everything I say we would all get along great!
Thank you for your time,

heeheehee the ghetto..heeheehee


JudyL said...

Hmmm . . that might get their attention or, it might get the dirty diapers dumped onto your vehicle. Maybe you shouldn't send it. :)

Tiki said...

I'm sorry that you still live in the Ghetto. Now you really know how us Army folk lives!! We already know how nice the A.F. housing is!!

Miss you girlfriend!

The Jen said...

Hey, if you know who's diaper that is... you could always drop it in a brown bag, light it on fire on their doorstep and RUN!!! That'd be awesome. In fact, I'll bring the camera, in the event you light a poo diaper to make a point. I'm counting down the days 'till y'all move out to Mayberry with us over here. :)


Anonymous said...

Just for you, Dawn...
"Well the world turns
and a hungry little boy with a runny nose
plays in the street as the cold wind blows
In the ghetto

And his hunger burns
so he starts to roam the streets at night
and he learns how to steal
and he learns how to fight
In the ghetto"

Love ya,

Paige...a spoiled Air Force brat trying to live the life of an Army wife!!! :) :)