Monday, February 25, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane...

I'm going home!! My dads surgery was a success. The cancer was attacked and the docs seem to think they got it all. Now for radiation therapy..fuuuuun. Not. My mom called the other day and asked if I would come home for a bit and that they would pay for my ticket. I started packing before she got the whole sentence out. My dad has to have someone with him during the day to help out with some stuff. My mom needs to go back to work next week so off I go.
My travel itinerary is pretty simple..hahahahahahahahahaha big laugh there!!! My day will start off by catching a bus...4 hour ride to the airport...two hour wait...plane ride to 1st stop is 14 hours...then another 2 hour layover then a 4 hour plane ride. All in all it will take me 24 hours to get home. Do not worry my faithful readers!! I plan on blogging about the whole thing!!
I have a favor to ask everyone out there though. Could you call Korean Air and ask them to bump me up to 1st class. I've never been in a 1st class seat before. I feel that I owe it to myself and since I'm traveling alone this would be the perfect opportunity! Plus..ssshhh...just between you and me....the seats are bigger. Mucho grande. Ummm I caught sight of my behind today and wellllllllllllllll my new nickname may have to be "BBG" or Big Bottom Girl. I blame it on the quilting not the coke, or the ice cream, or the Burger King, or the...well you get the idea. So, call 1-800-bigger-seats and make a plug for me!!! I won't forget cha!!!
dawn aka BBG


Leigh said...

You are so silly! And you know, Koreans have smaller than normal back sides anyway! Us Western women are curvacious and like to be comfy when traveling 24 hours to be by our loved ones. What are they thinking?! I'll call for ya! I got your back (side)! HEHEHEHE!! LOL

Lauren The Artist said...

Don't blame the quilting!!! Quilting is your friend! And yes, it will be nice to be back in the USA, even if its under... undesirable circumstances. And why would we call Korean Air??? Aren't you certain they read the blog? =) I think everyone in Korea must read it. Fill up your iPod with great music, 24hrs is a while.


Pam said...

I called. They said to flutter your eyes at the pilot and all will be well. Where is 'home'?

I am so glad you get to be home for a time with your parents.


QuiltingFitzy said...

Safe travel darlin'.

Anonymous said...

Ouch 24 hours.... I wish you luck and someone funny to sit next too anyways.

Jenna said...

I'm glad that you'll be able to help nurse your Daddy back to good health! Good luck on the first class, I'd like to sit there someday myself.

When you're there, go to Target for me. I miss it! =)

Unknown said...

Have a safe trip. I am praying for a quick recovery for your dad!

Rebekah said...

You get to go home! Not for the most fun of reasons, but you get to be with your mom and dad, and it will be such a treat for him to see your smiling face. My prayers are with you all. We love and miss you. And you will be soooooo close!!! I love you!