Monday, February 04, 2008

I am the fabric master...

In my grand plans I have decided to do two major shopping trips to the fabric market before we leave lovely Korea. Yes, I will do some little shopping trips, wouldn't want the economy to suffer...but two really nice ones to help me get as much fabric as I can. Today was shopping trip number one. Look at what I got!!!! Isn't this one lovely!!! I totally see a girls quilt with this.

As I was perusing the bolts I suddenly felt a little "purplish" and look what I saw!! PERFECTION!

Okay, this is just to cute to pass up! Kitty lovers, wipe your mouths, drool is most unbecoming.
Next up we have some wonderfully smokey fabrics. These three grabbed me by my arms and cried "take us home!!! Don't leave us behind!!" What could I do?? So, I took them. :)
Here we have some lovely tone on tone blacks. The one to the left is a gorgeous japanese fabric with cranes on it. I don't know what I'm going to use if for but my stash was very happy to meet it.

Here is a wonky picture of some reds. Mmmmmmmm reds!

This my dear friends is a bunch more tone on tones. I couldn't leave them behind...tone on tones are very tender hearted you know. They get their feelings hurt when you by-pass them. I couldn't have that. Nope. Nu-uh!
Look at these luscious beauties. They are so rich! So devine! They took me aside and told me they would appreciate their own bin as they are much to pretty to be put in with the others. Sigh, what snobs.
Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, don't these just make you happy!!!
Do you know what these are???!!!! FLANNELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!! Flannel! I went looking for them. They called to my soul. I had to have them. In fact, I am sleeping with them next to me tonight. heehee

I love these. By the time I met thier aquantence I was getting sleepy and was thinking about having a nap. My arms were tired. My shoulders hurt from all the bags. My soul was content. I was happy.
What?? What is that you ask?? Exactly how many yards DID I buy?? Well, when I got home...ummm after my nap.. I measured. Then had a heart attack. Then I measured again.... Get ready for it...

Ta-Da!!!!! Meet 101 yards of fabric. Sigh. Sigh. I hear violins all of the sudden. I hear flutes. Sigh I hear the harp. I am in fabric heaven.


Elaine Adair said...

mmmmm - I guess it would be safe to say, you have NOT joined the "No Buy" group! LOL

But, at those prices, I would have done the same.

Have fun - where are you going to end up?

Pam said...

Whoo hoo, look at you!!! Wow, how fun to shop like that to boost your stash. Wonderful choices...can't wait to see what you add with shopping trip #2.

You will really miss those prices once you return state-side, I say go for the gusto and make a last minute, shopping trip #3 just for good measure!!


Granny said...

101 yards? WOW! I love every single piece of it too. What fun you must've had!

Kathyl said...

What a great shopping trip! I agree with Pam...don't limit yourself to just two trips. You HAVE to make sure you didn't miss ANYTHING! Somehow I missed the price per it a lot less expensive there?

Lauren The Artist said...

Am I going to be the first to say-

ONLY 101? hahahahaah


Anonymous said...

Oh, man, I so envy you. Nothing delights my soul and warms my heart like a visit to the fabric store. 101 yards? Oh my gosh. So just how cheap is fabric in Korea? This is when my quilting friends would yell out "Road trip!"

Vicky said...

OMG, my heart just stopped! Those fabrics are totally luscious! I'd make as many shopping trips as I could to load up on goodies! But that's just me. :) Good purchases! Lots of beautiful quilts in those stacks of fabric!

Sandra :) said...

ROTFLMAO ... the sleeping with flannel comment made me laugh so hard I had tears in my eyes!!! Beautiful purchases, hysterical post (I came to visit after reading Judy L's Sunday Report) - I'm going to have a peek and see what else you've been up to, LOL.

Saska said...

You did good! I like every yard of it too.

Patti said...

Oh my God - I can't imagine buying that much fabric all in one day! But I guess you must take advantage of the prices while you are still over there. I trust the US government will pay to ship it all wherever you are going next LOL!