Friday, September 25, 2009

This just in.....

Oh my gosh fellow quilters and lovers of everything Mark Lipinski!! He just made an announcement on his blog that he is no longer with the magazine or the show Quilt Out Loud!!!!
Does anyone know why??? I just this week joined the site that hosts the Quilt Out Loud show and now I kinda want my money back. And his magazine?? I love it!!! It is so different from all the other quilting magazines out there.

I am wearing black today as I am in mourning. sigh.


mascanlon said...

Goodness, I had noticed in Quilter's Newsletter someone else was going to be the editor of Quilter's Home. On Mark's blog buried in the comments is a reply that noting that person ( has also resigned from New Track Media. BTW I have been a subscriber for 3 yrs to the Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Timms...LOVE IT!

Stephanie D said...

I don't do the QNN thing, but he is the only reason I subscribe to Quilter's Home--it's so different!

One less magazine subscription to renew.

Micki said...

I was going to join QNN, as I am already a member of the Quilt Show. Does this mean that I shouldn't consider it?
If you are in mourning, it is not a good sign!