Sunday, November 15, 2009

2012....and the bully update...

So yesterday the movie 2012 came out and man oh man was I excited to see it! I've had that baby marked on my calendar for months now. I like a good movie people and one about the world ending in a fiery explosion of mayhem is one of my favorites! The hubby took the day off so he could go with me and we also made The Son get up outta bed so he could go too. Now the movie is long...2 hours and 20 minutes. We needed to be home by 3pm and were gonna be cutting it close. I asked the hubby if he could be the Keeper of The Time and let me know when it was 5 minutes to 3. I was pretty sure we would get to see the whole movie.
I had a jumbo popcorn and a gigantic-a soda. My hubby was on one side of me and my son on the other.


Just as the movie was getting good....things were sliding into the ocean....people were hanging off of the side of hubby leans over in a panic and says "Hey! It's 3 o'clock! We gotta go so we can get Middle Daughter to work on time!" I stand up and say "Already???!! Wow! That went fast!!" Then we raced for the car. I kept thinking that 2 hours and 20 minutes had gone by so fast and what was up with the rest of the movie...did the previews go on that long at the beginning??? Cause I knew....just knew that more explosions were gonna happen that I was gonna miss.

You wanna know what happened as I turned the corner to hop on the highway to home?? I looked at the car clock. heh. My husband forgot to change his watch for Daylight Savings. It was only 2. My son and I just stared at him like how could you????? DID HE NOT KNOW HOW LONG I WAITED FOR THIS MOVIE TO COME OUT???????!!! I was thinking that I may have to leave him. I may have to pack up the kids and move. Where? I do not know but it would be a place where everyone gets the time right.

Not really. heeheehee He felt so bad and kept apologizing and I thought he was so cute that I forgave him. It's just a movie after all. The son on the other hand is packing. He is moving to that land I just wrote about.
So guess who's gonna go see 2012 this week??? Yeah. That would be me. :)

The Bully Update:
The Vice Principal of my daughters school is a dream. He got right on it and stopped everything before it could get out of hand. He talked to our daughter (and I will be eternally grateful that we taught our kids to say Ma'am and Sir!! Boy does it sound good!) and then he talked to the other girl. My daughter said she laughed at the girl when she came to school with yellow hair and the girl said she wanted to punch her face off for it. The Principal explained to my daughter that she shouldn't tease and he explained to the girl that she shouldn't want to punch the faces off of people. They are each in their respective corners and we don't think anything else will happen.

You know, it's hard to know when to step in as a parent. We like our kids to figure thing out for themselves with us helping as needed. We don't want to fight all their battles because then how will they learn to stand up on their own when they get older. We do draw the line when there is talk about "jumping" our 12 year old. It's just a no all the way around. Kids mean it these days. It's not an idle threat. Also? We act fast and furiously when we feel that our own kids have gone to far. I've told the three of them that I was bullied when younger and how I felt about it.
So the Boo-Bear is back to being her fire-cracker self. She had a friend spend the night and seems to feel pretty good about the whole thing. Thank you to everyone who thought about our girl!!! You guys rock!!


Leigh said...

I cannot believe he didn't change his watch! OMG! Well, I was going on Friday and lady that I was going with had to cancel because her son as sick. Couldn't get anyone else to go, because they were all setting up for the craft show.
So, we rescheduled for Tuesday! I am excited about watching the world end! It will probably make me feel better too!

Very happy about the bully thing. Julia was standing by!

Lauren The Artist said...

That time change is pretty funny. Though... when I read it, I was thinking "time changed TWO weeks ago!" I hope you enjoy the movie, next time.

Michelle said...

Oh, you guys just crack me up! What an honest mistake. I bet your hubby felt so bad about it. I hope you pouted just a little to make it worth missing your show (even if you weren't all that upset about it!)

So glad to hear all things are well with your daughter at school. I'm also glad her dad stuck up for her. Go dad!
Be blessed, and enjoy the movie the next time around!

dianne said...

that's pretty doggone funny - we were running late the first monday after the time change and i rushed the grandkids into the car (to save the extra ten minutes that it takes to walk to school) and went into a mini-panic because i hadn't changed to clock in the car...

your kids will remember later in life that you had their backs when they needed help

Mary Johnson said...

A movie sounds good -- Keith's been gone a lot including this weekend but will be home a half day Tuesday and I think we're going to go to one.

Finding the right balance as a parent is hard but is sounds like you've got a good handle on when to step in and when to let them figure things out for themselves.

Chocolate Cat said...

I am so impressed that you were so forgiving!!! Had to giggle! Glad Boo Bear and the bully are sorted. Not nice when our kids are sad and scared.

mascanlon said...

So was that a hint that the son has made some big decisions or just a little poke at his Dad? LOL, I laughed, I have a watch I haven't turned back yet so I know just how that happens!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Glad to hear the bully stuff seems to be under control.

And glad that you enjoyed todays morbid monday pics!!

Hallie :)