Saturday, October 31, 2009

Astro Boy......

Last night I took the Boo-Bear and the Son out to a movie. It's hard to agree on a movie between three people and after much discussion Astro Boy won. Boo-Bear loved it....I gave it a C. It gets a little weird/campy in one spot but the message is good. It was no Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs that's for darn sure! She wants to see Where The Wild Things Are but man oh man every time I read something about it everyone says how depressing it is and I do not need any more of that! hahahaha

Today is Saturday. I've got two kids who want to hang out at the mall and get some Christmas shopping done. We're gonna eat Chick Fill'A and maybe I can talk one of them into treating their ole' momma to a Starbucks. A trip to JoAnns and some fat quarters may be in my future. I am working on a tea pot wall hanging and want to get all the blocks prepped so I have something to do at night while the family watches what they watch on TV. I'll take some pics of the blocks later on tonight.
It's gonna be a great day. :)


mascanlon said...

I love did you know! I am looking right now at my Grandma's everyday teapot. When I brew tea in it I can see us sitting at the kitchen table jabbering away. Have a great day Dawn..and I hope someone bought Mama Starbucks!

Chocolate Cat said...

Hope your day was as good as planned! Sounded like fun!