Monday, August 25, 2008

First day....

My girls had to do one of the harder things done in a move...start school. Boo-Bear is now a 6th grader. She is at the top of the food chain in her new school. I think she was so tired of looking at her brother and sister this summer that she was really looking forward to starting school and running things. This year she decided that she is "into" jazz and will be playing the saxophone. Note to all surrounding neighbors...and counties...and States: No, it is not a cow dying in your front yard. It is my baby getting jiggy with it.
Middle daughter was a whole nother kettle of fish. She was starting 10th grade. In a big school. A really big school. That first day?? The stuff nightmares are made of. I felt really bad for her. This girl of mine is nothing if not resilient so day two was a lot better. Some friends were made....she sat next to some peeps at lunch and even went to a football game on Friday.
Both of them came home talking about some cute-ee-pa-tootie boys. Prayers for their father is greatly appreciated.


Chocolate Cat said...

Gosh your girls are gorgeous! My two have had to do the whole first day at a new school too many times, don't think it ever gets any easier. Hope it doesn't take them too long to settle in!!

Leigh said...

Look out Ohio!