Monday, August 25, 2008

Where I've been...

May-an! I cannot believe it has been so many days since I last posted. Wanna see what I've been up to??? Here ya go...straight from house. At least what it looked like last week. Here is the dining room. Some of the boxes had the contents written in Korean so it was "a lot" of fun trying to figure out what went where. heh.
Here is my sewing room. One corner of it any way. I know there is fabric in there somewhere!
This is the ole' kitchen. I felt so sad I couldn't cook for a couple of days as there wasn't a pot to be found. More lovely boxes.
The cleanest and least cluttered corner of Boo-Bears room.
We had three shipments come. Three big ones. I even had a neighbor remark that she would love to see my home. hahahahaha Suuuuuuure you would you nosy biddy! The unpacking is almost done. Praise to the baby Jesus. I was so tired of it all that on Friday?? I took a four hour nap while the kids were at school. I love it when the kids are at school! ha.

more lat-uh!


Lauren The Artist said...

I heard those houses were nice- BUT holy smokes they look awesome: even filled with boxes. Wow. The end is in sight, I'm sure. ~jen~

Chocolate Cat said...

Oh this brought back so many terrible memories! Let me say it one more time - I am NEVER moving again!!!