Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm still here!!

Where have I been?!?!?!? Getting this kid of mine all grad-ee-ated. Finally!!! The week of "The Son" is ovah! We have been to name it, he has had it and we have been right there beside him.

There may have been some crying...of course the Capt is trying to look all tough but ask me who yelled the loudest when his son's name was called to get his diploma and then yelled out "I LOVE you man!!" Yeah, this guy.
Here are Middle Daughter and our Boo Bear....Boo Bear cried when her brother walked as well.

Here he is with the love of his life..forgive the darned red eye! She was Salutatorian by the way...yes, we are just a little proud!

He was so excited and nervous when he woke up. I got the biggest kick out of watching him get ready. The house was full of his friends.....
Once he got there and found his girlfriend he was good to go. Me....I wantd to sob...and sniff...and cry a little...and hold on tight to the little boy he used to be.

Here he is with his favorite teacher and his best friend.
It was a good night. He spent the night over at a friends house...where there were parents :) and they could celebrate but not get in trouble. Came in the next morning exhausted but happy.
My baby is growing up. I'm really really proud of you son.


Chocolate Cat said...

What gorgeous photos and what wonderful memories of such a special time in your son's life. Cherish each one. Thank you for sharing it with us .

mascanlon said...

What a sweet post and such a good looking crew! Thanks for sharing such a happy occasion.

Lauren The Artist said...