Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A letter to teachers....

Dear Teachers Who I Sub For,

Hello. I am a substitute teacher. I am the one who watches your class for you when you are off on an appointment or on vacation or have a sick kiddo and need to stay home. Being that I have been a sub for going on two years now I have one little suggestion to all you High School teachers out there. If you are on the block schedule and have each class for an hour and a half could you please give me an hour and a half worth of work for the little darlings. See, when an 18 year old knows that he has a sub aaaand knows that he has an hour and a half of class time aaaannnndd he knows that he sees you ever other day due to the block schedule, it really puts a crimp in things if you only give them 15 - 20 minutes worth of work. What am I supposed to do with them for the rest of the time??? Especially when you are an "easy" teacher who only teaches for about 35 minutes and lets them talk for the rest of the time. It makes me nervous, I gotta tell ya, when I am looking at big hulking seniors as I am reading your lesson plan to show a movie that they've seen in your class twice before. Do you think they sit quietly and watch the movie????? NO..THEY...DON'T!!! I am sitting here this morning dreading going into your class again the day after tomorrow cause now that their work is all done I've got NOTHING! for them to do.
So teachers...let's recap shall we.

You have classes that are an hour and a half long.


Ahem, I am done now. I must got and learn French cause to day I am reading the lesson to your class in French and guess what???? I DON'T SPEAK FRENCH!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T EVEN TELL WHAT I AM SUPPOSED TO BE TELLING THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(picture me now running around the room screaming and pulling out my hair.)

Have a nice day everyone!


Lauren The Artist said...

Bonjour! You should take your own back-up movie on ALL days you sub. (why would the guy show a movie the kids have seen in class already??) Oh, and you know whats good... Hangman! Kids love that. Now, I don't know anything about highschool, nor have I ever subbed... so clearly I'm the one you should be listening to. Good luck today!


Anonymous said...

I know that I raised a BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT,RESOURCEFUL, IMAGINATIVE AND SNEAKY child. Get the best of them. After working in a high school for 10 years, I know you have to be one step ahead of them. Pretend that you are not a sub, but a full time teacher and plan, plan, plan. Divide the class into groups and give them a topic and have a spokesman for the group. Have them give their ideas as a group. Teamwork. The minutes will fly and the day will be over. Love Grandma A Go Go

buffi said...

I remember this from when I subbed at the HS in South Carolina. Those great big football players scared the crap out of me. I think that the idea of taking a good, looooong movie to show while you are subbing might be a good plan.

Mary Poppins? It's long. And SURE to hold the interest of a bored 18 year old. Heh.