Thursday, November 29, 2007

sub update....

Today I have the "challenge" classes. The classes with the "big" kids. I tell ya, those kids won't do anything! Today I am ready for them! I have a plan! I am armed with stuff to do! I will prevail!! I am not shaking in my boots! I am woman hear me roar!!

Yeah right. Sigh. Who am I kidding?? I am so mad at this teacher! He is such a nice guy too. Boy am I writing him a sub letter! I went to another teacher and asked her for a movie to show. She was ready for me. She knew sooner or later I would be by this week looking for something for the kids to do. See the thing is...these kids don't want to watch a movie. They want to sleep. Or eat. Or talk. Today I have a paper for them to write on the movie we watched this week. I am hoping that they do it. I plan on telling those that don't they can go to the office and sit the entire hour and a half cause they aren't making me look bad! As you can see I'm not the disciplinarian around these here parts. I am working on it. It just isn't working back. When I try to get touch the kids grin and say Mrs's just not you. Again, sigh.
Think about me today...I feel like I'm going off to war.

Viva la' liberation!!!


Elaine Adair said...

Bless you, child! You are made of tuff stuff!