Sunday, October 29, 2006

5 things I am grateful for

Here is the latest blog pick 5 things that you're grateful for...yes it has been a slow and uneventful week so I am raiding other blogs and coming up with things that others reading this will like and think I am amazing and innovative. :) Here are my five...

1. My mom...for those of you who know me there is no need to elaborate. Suffice it to say I have one in a million for a momma and no...I am not sharing!
2. Margaritas with Bec and Tresa and then thinking that we know how to do the electric slide.
3. Healthy kids
4. Black licorice (that I'm eating right now...OF COURSE THIS LINES UP WITH THE DIET PEOPLE!!)
5. T-Ping the exes house of a certain friend after said margaritas...hahahahahahahahahahahahah We are young! Heart ache to heart ache we stand! No promises no is a battle field!
6. this is an extra...friends who love me with all my quirks and've made me better then I was and (amy and tracey) and challenged me unapoligetically in my faith. I love you two!! it is your 5 things you are thankful least once a week. We need to be reminded of how good we have it.
peace out and word to your mother. hehehehehehehehehehehee Yep...I have teens.


Colleen said...

Hi Dawn...
I am so glad your Mom told me about your blog. I love reading it. You are quite an animated writer! Sounds like you are having fun in Korea (hope it stays that way)You have a beautiful family. Just wanted to say Hi..Love to you and yours.

Colleen said...

My five things that I am grateful for...
1. Your Mother for being my friend. She is one in a million! (and her side-kick Joanie)
2. My girls for turning out as such wonderful women and super Moms and the great men they share thier lives with.
3. My son for his unconditional love for his son and daughter through this difficult time in his life.
4. My friends who are always there when I need them even though we don't see as much of each other as we should.
5. My mother for her life's teachings. And of course my Dad for loving my Mom and giving me a memorable childhood.