Friday, October 20, 2006


Got your attention huh!! heehee No we aren't evacuating...I just like to add a little zing to the blog. My neighbor..Jen and I went to learn all about the NEO packets today. See if we do evacuate it's not as simple as getting on a plane with a couple of suitcases and going home. NOOOOOOOOOO we have a boat load of paperwork to fill out first. And by saying boat load I mean boat load!!! I got home and looked over all the paperwork and then did the only thing I could do...I took a nap. Yep!! Took a good long one too! No one can ever say I don't know what to do when the river meets the road!! heehee Then after my nap I started in on the paper work. Two hours later I have a good size dent in it. The great thing I found out was that I get to choose where the kiddos and I end up in the states!!!! I was so happy about that!!!! Grandma Barb...get the mudslides stored up!!! If anything happens we go from here to a place I can't say on the blog and then they send us home. I will be headed to Illinois to be with my momma and daddy!!! That was the first paper I searched for and got finished. In a time of crises there is no one better to be with then Barb Wilson let me tell ya!! I just read online that lil' Kim may have apologized for setting off a bomb. I don't know if I'm quite ready to accept or not. He may have to send presents! Getting us all nervous like that! I'm pretty sure that nothing will happen but it's always nice to be prepared just in case. I guess the Army spouses meet with their NEO ad visors two times a year here in Korea just to make sure all the correct paperwork is in order. You'd think that the 4 Air Force wives who live here would be up to date as well but no, we were out of the loop. Well we're back in now baby!!!! So no worries. Just a little update on life in another country! I guess the paper work is the payoff for the fabric I've been getting. heehee bye!