Friday, October 06, 2006

Ice Cream with Tomatoes...Yummy!

Hi Everyone! This Thursday is a really big holiday for Korea. It is called Choo-sok. That's not how it's spelled just how it sounds. Last night Kareem, Sarah and I went out to see if it was as crowded as everyone says it will be. It sure was!!! Everyone in Korea was out!! It was great! We went to the big square downtown to have dinner and people watch. This picture is of a popular desert. It is ice cream with fruit and...wait for it.....tomatoes. Now you know you eat tomatoes with your ice cream!! The yellow balls are the tomatoes. Haven't tried it yet but we plan on getting some today. :)

Here is a building right before you turn into the square. It has a huge TV on it in case you get bored waiting for the light to turn green.

Okay, here is the square. Now the street is about 2 blocks away but why let that stop you if you are in a hurry. Just drive right through the square with your horn blasting. This is a sidewalk!!!!!!!!!!!! Now you know why I waited til 3 weeks ago to get my drivers permit. If you think this is something you should've seen the two other cars behind this guy. I was the only one surprised...everyone else just moved out of the way and kept on steppin!

Alot of the places to eat downtown have a viewing window. You can see what dishes they have and decide if you want to eat there. This was the pork cutlet place. If you don't like eggs on your fried pork then you can eat at the next restaraunt....

BENNIGANS!!! Yep! there is a good ole' American Bennigan's right smack in the middle of the square. We didn't eat there because the prices are so large we would've had to sell one of the kids. I'm not kidding! Kareem and I ate at TGI Fridays once and got one meal to share and an appetizer with water and a small lemonade.....$45 bucks!!! To eat anywhere else is really cheap but if you want to eat anything American you pay out the ying yang for it.
Today is Choo-sok and we are going out to drive around. We were told that traffic is like the day after Thanksgiving so this should be good. I'll post the pictures on the blog tomorrow and if I eat any bugs you can be sure you'll be the first to know...until next time this is Dawn the amazing bug eating reporter signing off!!! Later gaters!!