Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Presents at English Class

Tonight was English class. We had a ball. Tonight the lesson was on "if you could visit anywhere in the world where would it be?" We started off with the US and then moved out. One of the students said something that got me to thinking. Her name is Clara. (they each take an American name for the class. Kareem and I use Korean names.) She said she didn't want to visit the US. She explained to us that she has a friend who married an American and he took her back to the states. They live in Oklahoma in a predominately white neighborhood. Her friend is lonely cause she has been unable to make friends. They just won't accept her there. She also told us that she used to work in a government job and when she would talk to other workers about the US they did not have good things to say about us. Now here is what I'm thinking. When you are talking to someone or listening to someone who doesn't speak English or maybe even broken English...what do you think? Do you think "wow this person can speak more then one language..they are really smart" or do you think "wow this person can't speak English why don't they go back where they came from" When did we lose the curiosity for people who are different from us? Why do we think that different = bad? Living here we are having so much fun trying the food, learning the language, seeing a different culture. What would we have missed if our minds were closed. I know that Kareem and I sure wouldn't be married. We are as different as night and day. We are going through it now with Anthonie and his girlfriend. She is white/Korean. Her dad is, let's just say, less then thrilled with the relationship. Why? What if he picked out someone for her and she was miserable for the rest of her life? I watch how he treats her and I think "wow. this is my son". I have to tell ya it makes a mother proud to see her son treat another woman with respect. Now I know that not everyone out there has these issues and sees differences for what they are...a gift from God to make life interesting and colorful. But for those who struggle with intolerance....think about. Think about how you treat the neighbor next to you...the person in the grocery store...the friends you kids bring home...someone may be watching you and "seeing" more then you want. Let's all live by the words of Rodney King...................can't we all just get along??!! Thanks to Clara for helping us all to stop and think. :)

Now, back to good ole' blog silliness. We got some presents tonight!! Don't ya just love presents??!! The woman in charge of us all Ms. Pak (sp) was telling Kareem that she collects all of the quarters with the different states on the back. He loved it that she did this. So she brought him this box with his own set!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome is that??!!!! He was so touched that she did that for him. He also got to take home......

a pear. This tastes like a cross between a pear and a honeydew melon. It's crunchy and sweet. He loves them and we buy them all the time. When we arrive at class there is food set out by the students. They are so wonderful to us and always share. I told ya we were blessed!! heehee Then sometimes they give Kareem the leftovers and he goes to work with it the next day a happy man. I got a present too...................

a grater!!! HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Every time we go out to eat one of the side dishes is shredded cabbage with a kinda green sauce on it. We LOVE it and usually ask for seconds. We had been asking the class how we can shred it and make it as fine as when you go out. Ms. Pak bought this for me! She remembered!!! I love it and plan on making shredded cabbage tomorrow for dinner. Life is good!!! VIVA LA DIFFERENCE!!