Thursday, October 12, 2006

International Incident...almost :)

Yesterday I went to the fabric place with Jen from downstairs. I went with one thing in buy buy! I had a purse full of Won and I was willing to spend it on anything that looked remotely interesting. You think Mel Gibson has a problem?? You've never seen me at the fabric store!! heehee So anyway...I was trying to get someone to tell me how much a certain type of fabric was. There was no one in the booth. There was a lady in the next booth over sewing and she started trying to talk to me. I speak almost no Korean and had no idea what she was trying to say. She got on her phone and I hear her over the loudspeaker saying something. The next thing I know this very large man comes around the corner gesturing and talking very loudly. He and the sewing lady proceed to talk to each other very loudly then they look at me. My eyes got pretty big then! He walks over and me thinking he is the owner of the booth start trying, again, to ask him how much is this fabric. He starts laughing and pointing at everything. I'm not to sure at this point what is going on so I look for Jen. She has deserted me and moved onto more fabric down the isle that is easier to girl! I decide to leave cause it is obvious that I'm not getting anything here. He blocks my path and tells me " you sit." So what's a girl to do but sit?? Then he goes over to the sewing lady and starts messing with her. He knocks over her cones of thread and pinches her cheek. They are laughing having a great ole time and I am??...still sitting obediently. :) I'm thinking, I wonder what's gonna happen next and I hope it's good so I can post it on the blog! hee hee always thinking! Then another lady comes running down the isle talking loudly and gesturing at me. She tells me to follow her and I do. I yell to Jen that I'll be back and off we go. She talks to me the whole time we go up an Korean which I do not understand. Then we run! down an isle to another booth and wallah..she has the same bolt of fabric. Now was she taking me from the other vendor..where was the other vendor...did he show up and wonder about what all the fuss was am I going to find Jen...all these things were going on in my head along with...YES! This is gonna be so great in the blog! The lady tells me that the fabric is $3 a yard which is pretty steep here and with all the laughing from the other 5 ladies who stopped over to see the spectacle I figured she was giving me a bad price. But then I felt bad for causing such a ruckus so I did the only thing I could do...I bought three yards. International Incident Averted! Here is the fabric that caused so much trouble...oh and I did find Jen by the way. She had made friends with two other Korean ladies and was smiling and having a grand ole' time when I got back. This is a girl who can have a good time in any and all situations! :) Go Jen!!
See...I had to buy it! It has old timey ladies doing old timey things on it!! It screams "buy me Dawn!!"
This is all the stuff I bought...two cones of thread, two fabric pens and 27 yards of fabric all for the astronomical price of...wait for it........................................ $35-$40!!!!!!!!!!!!! heeheeheehee LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!
Here's another shot of the whole kit and caboodle. Hey, just tought of something. Is anyone out there going to the Houston quilt show this year?? If so can you send me some pictures so I can live vicariously through your good time?? bye all!


Lauren The Artist said...

Woah, you got the haul. It looks like a ton of stuff, when its all laid out on that arm chair. Oh wait, it WAS a ton of stuff. :)