Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Today is Cut Yourself a Break Day!

It's late at night. Every one is in bed cept' me and my faithful dog...oops no wait, I just turned around to look at her and she is gone to her bed too. Scratch the faithful dog as I was saying...I'm up sitting in front of the computer thinking about the meaning of it all. You ever do that?? Just think "what's it all about anyway?" Am I where I should be now that I'm the age I am? Could I be a better mom? Do I need to work on being a better wife?? What if I never look any better then I do right now? Am I the only woman out there who thinks these things?? Well here's what we should do. Let's all proclaim November 1st "Cut Ourselves a Break Day"! For just one day we will endevour (ooooh big word alert!!) to like ourselves just the way we were made. We won't worry about that pesky 10 (okay 30) pounds. We will tell ourselves that we are doing the best we can with the whole wife-mother-daughter-sister thing. When we get dressed in the morning we will look in the mirror and like who we see looking back. We will have Oprah ah-ha moments. We will be women-hear us roar!
Okay?? We will buy ourselves something just because we are worth it! This could actually be a national movement! Are you with me my sisters???!!!!!!!!! And if that isn't working for you, then I found this prayer I thought was awfully cute and would make you smile. Happy Cut Ourselves a Break Day!!!! (flowers and all gifts may be sent to Dawn is welcome) hahahahahaha I crack myself up if no one else!!


Nick said...

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