Wednesday, October 04, 2006

mask festival part two

One of the things we got to do was watch a couple of shows. Here is China. There were many different countries that came to show everyone how they do traditional dances...not to be outdone was...


This part was waaaay cool! There were two different emporers and they were fighting. Each had about a hundred men around them yelling at the other guys men. They had these shoes made of what looked like wheat that they were throwing at the opposing team. Then they hoisted up their emporer on the large wicker bed and there was much yelling. After the yelling they danced around in a circle. Now with all the drums beating and the manly man yelling I got all caught up and started yelling too. The warriors thought this was great and yelled, hurray! American! Then they grabbed me and I got to be in the parade!! It was sooo great! I was jumping up and down waving my shoe (someone gave me one of the wicker shoes to wave around) and yelling for all I was worth. The news was there so if you see a crazy american woman in blue that was jumping and yelling like a banny rooster on the 10 o'clock news...that would be me!! :)

Here is the large wicker bed that the warriors hoisted up the emporer with. I think maybe they recognized me from the parade so they are waving and letting us take their picture..hahahaha

Here are the two emperors after a hard fought battle. Ghengis Khan is on the right and his brother Gerald Khan is on the left. :) heehee

This little sweetie was my friend. She was banging on the drums and liked that I was dancing and waving at her so she came over to have her picture taken.
That's the Mask Festival, a good time was had by all. We left tired and happy. I can't wait til next year. I figure that by then I can figure out a way to get hoisted up on the wicker bed thingie and get in on the battle!! YIPPEE!!