Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Trip to Osan

Sorry about the tiny pictures. I got a new camera and couldn't figure out how to download so these first one's are small. The camera is awesome!! As soon as I figure out all the functions I'll be in business. My hubby is wonderful!! He knows how much fun I'm having blogging away and decided I needed a "REAL" digital camera. Yes...he got lot's of kisses!! heehee
I found a new best friend there. It was the movie guy. He has a stand of movies, you pick what you want and "wallah" you get movies that aren't even out yet. Now I know what you are did you get You, Me and Dupree when it's still in the theatres?? I am most sure that my new best friend did everything within the law to get copies of this movie....the same goes for Monster House. YEAH RIGHT! It's not against the law here. It was great!!! I had to fight for position in line and fight I did! :) My Sarah saw a movie she wanted and got ahead of me somehow. That girl is her fathers child!! heehee

This is a picture of the famous Korean mink blankets...any one want any?? They are everywhere here. At this point in the day I'm a little overwhelmed with all the people. This is coming from someone who loves! the day after Thanksgiving and being out amongst the people. The total population of China was at the market that day. It was payday and surprisingly everything was $10. Come to find out everything is usually under that...on payday the smarties raise the prices cause Americans will buy anything for $10. (I was no exception and did the $10 crowd proud!)

I am having a blast with my camera and just pointing and shooting. Here is a picture of one of the streets filled with shops.

This was the puppy mill vendor. He had about 30 puppies of all different kinds. The girl in purple is Lauren trying desperately to get Kareem to understand why she must have one NOW! He wasn't buying it. He still has scars from getting Abbey and Buster here to Korea.

This is the end of the day. Our feet hurt, there were moths coming out of the wallet and everyone was starving. We went back on base and got a sub from Charlies and started home. I think I may do one more trip before Christmas...without the kiddos. You can shop much better when they can't see everything. I just need time to re-group. It was really an experience. So many people!!! :)


Treasa said...

Hey girl, you know I want one; how do i get the money to you?!? I am so glad to hear you are safe and having the time of your life! I wish i could share some of the fun with you...