Wednesday, October 11, 2006

English Class, Dinner out

Kareem and I teach English every other Tuesday. Our class is for adults. Last night they treated us to dinner with many traditional Korean dishes. We had three courses! When the food came we were eating and started getting full, everyone laughed and said to's just the first course. You wouldn't believe all the food. Here is a picture of course one! Everyone just takes a little out of the bowls. You don't get a big plate like in America. Our plates were small, a little bigger then your hand. You put small amounts on it and then get more. Everyone shares and it's okay to double dip..heehee

Sarah got to go with us. She had a ball. She has a class at school called Korean Culture and just learned the happy birthday song. She sang it for them and the place was up for grabs. Everyone clapped and yelled for her and by the end of the night she had made $20 in Won!! That's my girl!!

Here is another picture of the food..this one is for you Michael! There is raw fish in the bottom right corner and a spicy fish dish in the bottom left. The red stuff you see is Kimche. I would ask, "is this hot?" Cause they love their food spicey. When I was told no I would try was spicey! When you are used to eating hot pepper flakes on everything you're spicey is different from someone else's. I burned my mouth a couple of times to the great amusement of the table.

Here is the group. They set up the screen so we could show our family. We had our own room which was good because we were pretty noisy! We had a really good time! It was so nice of them to take us out. Every time it was class they would want us to tell them what we had done or eaten for that week...they love it that we will try pretty much anything. :) Yep that's us...put some crazy looking food down and we are your people! Anyway, teaching English is a big deal here and they really appreciate you giving up your time to help them learn our language. This was a special treat for us. Thanks to our Korean Family!! We had a blast!!