Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Caught in a demonstration!!!

Today started out like any other day. I needed to figure out how to pay my phone bill so I hopped in the ole' hooptie and away we went. My phone bill is in Korean. The only thing I could read on it was that I needed to pay 187,000 Won ASAP. That's about $187. It ended up being pretty easy. I walked in and got helped right away. We didn't speak to each other much. I handed the lady my bill and she took my Won. I got change and left. Here is where it gets interesting. I needed to go down the street to the other base and get gas. As I was driving I hear a bunch of loud drums and music with a bunch of singing and yelling. I look to my left and see 4 big buses. I'm starting to think "uh-oh". Traffic comes to a stop right in front of a large building with about 200 people demonstrating against North Korea. At least that's who I think they were mad at. The thing is..when you find yourself in this kind of situation and you are in another country you are supposed to head far far away. I was boxed in and had no where to go. Everyone started looking at me and I thought it was over! No more blog!! No more family!!! No more funny and fabulous me!! No more mint chocolate chip ice cream!!! The crowd starts to spill out into the street. Then the cops show up and I am now thinking here we go.....Tienanmen (sp)
Square II. Can you feel the suspense building??? The cops are there just to keep order. Finally the cars start moving. I'm a little shaken cause of all the staring and the yelling. I get to a stop light right before you turn on base and again I look to the left...looking to the left is most interesting....and there are a bunch of young girls in the car. THEY ARE THRILLED THAT THERE IS AN AMERICAN IN THE NEXT CAR!! They roll down the window and lie...."hello, happy birthday and thank you." Just like that. Now what I think they meant was "you look pretty slammin in that bohemian shirt you have on!" heehee My day was better instantly. We yelled goodbye to each other and I went on my way. WHEW! I may stay home tomorrow.


Lauren The Artist said...

That is a RIOT!! (possibly, literally) That was so funny. I'm so glad those Korean girls took note of your UnBirthday and were thoughtful enough to wish you well.