Wednesday, October 04, 2006

mask festival part one

I went to the Mask Festival today with my friend Nicole. It was just the best day!! The festival, as far as I could tell, was a display of different masks from all over the world, why they wear them, and what they represent. There were also dancers from all over doing traditional dance moves for us to see. This cutie-pa-tootie was huge! He was smack in the middle of everything so of course you gotta take a picture!

Here are some Polish dancers. We were pretty happy to see them because they spoke English and told us where the most important section of the festival was....THE FOOD COURT!!!

We found one row of stalls that had about 50 booths of food. It was all Korean dishes. Alot of the booths had a big pig on a spit. They brought them in frozen and stuck them on this grill. It smelled wonderful but it cost between $15-$20 for a plate so we passed.

This fabulous stuff is candy! The ladies were hand rolling it and making it into these statue thingies. I didn't taste any. Where is Kareem when you need him??! The displays were pretty big. About the size of your whole arm. Now that I think about it, I should've brought some home.

These little sweethearts were weaving fabric. The one in red was thrilled to have her picture taken...believe me...they don't like to have their pictures taken so this was a special treat! She showed us the old fashioned loom that they use (she is sitting in front of it) and it wasn't just for show...this is how they weave every day. The fabric that they made was incredible!

Here is one of the many mask people that were set up all over the place.

We met these guys just as they were getting ready to put on a show. They stopped us! and wanted their picture taken.hahahahaha Loved them!!!