Monday, October 09, 2006

By now you've probably heard about North Korea firing a missile. I'm not quite sure what that means for us but for now it's business as usual. A couple of people have written to me asking me if we are okay and yep, we're great! Say some prayers that everyone make intelligent decisions. On a lighter note...we climbed a mountain today. It's called Apsan mountain. You climb up for what seems like forever til you come to the cable car station. From there you get one and it takes you the rest of the way. It was absolutely beautiful up there! We could see all of Teagu. Wouldn't you know that I left my camera chip at home!! AUGH! I brought the camera just not the chip that stores the pictures. I guess this means I have to go up again. :) Lauren, who was making me feel very old, ran up some of the trip. Now this mountain is steep with a capital S!! We even had Anthonie's girlfriend, Sonja, with us. That's mostly why I wanted to take some pictures. I figured I could sneak some of her on her for you guys to see what a cutie pie she is. We really! like her. Next time I'll make sure to get some pictures. bye everyone!