Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another trip to the market

Went to another market today. I think I may have to enter a 12 step program.."hello I am Dawn and I am a market-a-holic" :)
Here is a small booth that had a bunch of thread cones. The thread was only a dollar!!! I felt a buying frenzy coming on but then I remembered that I cleaned out the thread bin that I had and I have a ton of cones from here. Plus the hubby called at that moment...I think he felt a disturbance in the force!

These are little men. I cannot think of anything they could be used for. Maybe just decorations. I wish you could see them better..the art detail was beautiful.

This is a booth I call little girl heaven. It is in an area full of these places. Booth after booth of hair bows. I had Sarah with me and when we turned the corner she got this crazed look in her eyes when she saw the bows. She even started trying to bargain. I was so proud!

MORE BOWS!!! The world can sleep safely knowing we will never ever run out!!!

We turned the corner and went down another alley and saw the purses. This is one booth. This is just the front of his area. He has all these purses out front and it makes like a giant wall. I didn't even attempt to go in. I think his booth threw up purses. My Sarah is in the bottom left with the pink backpack on.

And now to the food portion of our tour. WHAT THE HECK ARE THESE THINGS???? I saw them and thought they looked like dried bats. Bat jerky!! yummy...heehee

Here are some mushrooms. I am sure they were all the legal kind. :) This guy had a ton of mushrooms. Some like I've never seen before. I wouldn't even know how to cook them. I think the man knew cause he looked up from his paper...saw me and looked right back down again. He was probably thinking "yeah, right"

Here is another yummy area. Dried fish. They still have their eyes and they were looking at me in fear as I passed by. Since the bug nothing is safe!!

These little babies are crabs!! Now this I could get into!!! They were alive and if you look at the left part of the box you can see them trying to escape...FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the food court area. There are benches set up around a cooking area. You pull up a seat at whatever booth you want and they make you a plate. There were big bowls of kimche (green and red) on the counter part so you could add it to your dish. My stomach didn't feel strong enough to try anything today.

The thousand Won store

Here is a peek at the toy section. Next you will see something that no respectable home should be without...........................

A PINK TOILET SEAT WARMER!!! I got such a kick out of this. The lady in charge was less then amused. I had to sneak a picture of it. I am going to get one so I can try it out and let you all know how it is...I am so there for you guys!!!

This is on the way home. It's just a shot of one of the stores on the street. Notice how nothing is in English!!? Sometimes when you go to different countries you can find alot of stuff in English...not here where we live. Even when we go down the expressway...everything is in Korean. Now we know how someone feels when they come to the states. It feels like a grand adventure every time we go out. When we went to Osan last week we were a little disappointed with all the things in English. We like feeling like explorers!! :) Anyway, I had a great time. I went to get batting for my brothers quilt that I'm working on. I found it with not a whole lot of trouble so I was happy. Next payday we're talking about taking the where? you ask?? Who knows!! Just there!