Monday, October 09, 2006

an update on the N. Korea situation

Just in case you're checking the blog cause your worried we are about to be blown to bits down here...everything is fine. We are still here and so far we're not being evacuated. I'm up really late tonight so I can see what the Big W. has to say in the states. (that's George Bush for you non-Texans. ) Seems there is much men-grumbling and flexing of muscles. See...same ole same ole. heehee Little politcal humor! I'll keep ya posted family just in case we do have to leave. If that does happen, from what I understand we have about an hour to get to a plane. Thank God for the computer, we can log on anywhere in the world and let you know we are fine. Love to you all and thanks for the prayers and emails!! Hey, Maybe if I made Kim a quilt he would feel all warm and fuzzy and stop all this bomb building wahoo. Something else to think about...what do you think Freaud would say about all of this?? A small man needing to make a big bomb...hmmmmmm :)