Thursday, October 12, 2006

Why I quilt

I was asked the other day by a woman why I quilt. She was wondering why I spend so much money and time on something as unimportant as fabric and then give away most of my efforts. I am sure that my quilting sisters out there are often asked the same things. How to explain to someone this passion of mine for needle and thread?
I get quiet inside of myself when I quilt. I can't explain it. It's a labor of love when I gift someone with a quilt. I go through a whole process of looking at patterns to get ideas. Then I shop for fabric. I start off with a rough sketch and when I do start the actual sewing I pray for the person and try and make sure I am always in a good mood. I like to impart something to that special person. Sounds kinda corny, I know, but it works for me. I was reading another persons I do not have to much time on my hands! :)........ and she had some quotes on there I thought were really poignant. Hope you like them.

Our heavenly Father uses our scraps of talents and abilities. By piecing them together to serve a purpose. We are tied together by faith in God who is our comforter."

"She never knew how her great idea came to her. Sometimes she thought she must have dreamed it...her nimble old fingers reached out longingly to turn her dream into reality... she put the thimble on her knotted, hard finger with the solemnity of a priestess performing a rite." - Dorothy Canfield Fisher The Bedquilt.

" It was not a woman's desire... to be forgotten. and in one simple, unpretentious way, she created a medium that would outlive even many of her husband's houses, barns and fences: she signed her name in friendship onto cloth and, in her own way, cried out, Remember Me."Linda Otto Lipsett - Remember Me

How true.