Sunday, October 29, 2006

all denominations in church today

We have a special thing that we do every couple of months here at church. All of the denominations get together for one service. I happen to attend the gospel service. We had the Catholics...the Protestents..the Gospel service and the Koreans. As we were singing praise and worship I felt like God was telling me that this is how Heaven was going to look. All different colors of people standing together praying and singing because of our love for Him. Our Pastor, who is a tall chocolate man, gave the opening prayer...the Korean pastor gave an AWESOME message and then the Catholic Priest closed us out in prayer. Anthonie's girlfriend, our Sonja, is now coming to church with us every Sunday. After church was over she told me that she felt all happy inside and didn't know why. Isn't God good! It was just the best church!!!!!!!!!!! I had to share...we now resume the normal blogging. Happy Sunday everyone!!!