Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer Hire...

Today was "The Sons" first day of work. He got picked up to do summer hire on base. I dropped him off at a big building on another base, all the kids who got picked met there first. The bosses all showed up and took everyone to work after a quick briefing..this is an Army post after all and nothing happens without a briefing. I can hear you saying to yourself "well, so far so good." Nope, nothing here at Chez' Owens is that easy. The son sat...and sat...and waited...and waited...for two hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, my son sat there without complaint for two hours waiting for someone to pick him up! I still can't get my mind around it. I asked him if he felt weird sitting there while everyone else had been picked up and did he ask anyone anything. He said he figured that eventually someone would come and get him. This is why we are making sure he gets a diploma in one hand and a wife in another! A person did finally come and get him. The job he was tasked for doesn't open on Monday or Tuesday (ya think they would'a thought of that) so they took him to another base and have him working in the gym. He's pretty happy about that. He gets to hand out towels and locker keys all while watching TV and listening to his MP3 player.
He got home around 6pm. Tired and hungry. I had his favorite dinner waiting for him and I even made home made ice cream. He sat, wolfed the food down and then said he was going out for the night. SIGH! I got about 5 sentences out of him before he took off. He woke up this morning wonderfully chipper...................NOT!!!!! You'd think the kid had been working 7 days a week or something!!!
So my son is gainfully employed. This is me...................... :)


Lauren The Artist said...

Thats insane that they made him wait and no one noticed his place was closed the first days of the week. Now, is his new gym job permanent, or just for the first two days? You know, alot of cute girls go to the gym... uh-oh... ;)


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

At least he is working and not driving you and his sisters crazy at "breathing" on them! But v.funny set up with the job! Why weren't there jobs handing out gym towels, preferably to cute gym men, when I was 18??!!! Tracey