Thursday, June 28, 2007

What I did this morning....

Wanna know what I do in the mornings??? Suuuuuuuure ya do! Okay, I will take you on a virtual mind trip in the life of me...

1. Wake up lazy son cause he has to leave for work in 30 minutes.
2. Wake up Boo-Bear cause she has summer school. ( summer school is more like camp here and by golly it gets her out of my hair for 3 hours in the morning so she is going!!)
3. Yell at lazy son and tell him at the top of my lungs that he can not miss a day of work three days into the job.
4. Yell at Boo-Bear that she does not have a stomach ache and she is going to summer school and she is not going to miss a day three days into it!
5. Close my eyes and rub the bridge of my nose and ponder why did we decide to have those two!! I know was the Capt's fault!! He cannot resist my wiles and loves to see me barefoot and pregnant!
6. Discuss with Boo-Bear why she cannot have my house key. See I have to drive The Son to work every morning. Usually Middle Daughter is here to get Boo-Bear out the door but last night she stayed the night at her BFF's house to eat ice cream and ponder the meaning of love. Boo Bear told me she could stay in the house for the 20 minutes til school started and then lock the door on her own. Unh-Unh! I scooted her over to her friends house and off to the gym we went. The Son works at the gym and as soon as I see him in I can get my workout on. I am trying to get Jessica Alba abs.
Okay, on with the morning...
7. Get to the gym and do my two miles on the treadmill.
8. Sign up for a personal trainer to spend a couple of hours with me so he can tell me what the heck I should do to get afore-mentioned Jessica Alba abs.
9. Go in the ladies locker room and look at my abs in the mirror.
10. Decide mirror must be broken.
11. Go home.
12. Manage to not run down any sweet little Ajimah's .
13. Have toast and pretend it is a Rootie Tootie Fresh and Fruity from IHOP.
14. Sit on the computer and blog.
All this before 10am. I still have to get Boo-Bear home, run up to spend lunch with The Son, clean the house, go grocery shopping and buy hair color to color my hair. (Saw a few grey hairs in the Mirror Of Lies at the gym)
How do you spend your mornings???


Lauren The Artist said...

I stopped by the gym this morning too. It must have been the same one with the broken mirrors. You'd think with all that "use or lose" budget money the gov't has (in late September) they could get some decent mirrors!!!


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

OOh, scary amount of gym mentions there, I had better put this chocolate down and get back on the bike! Tracey