Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Dating Wars Part I

So you all know that Middle Daughter is allowed to date soon. Soon. Did I say soon?? It is consuming a bit of our time here at Chez' Owens. The Capt is not handling it well people. Not well at all. Is this a dad thing?? Let me explain.
To be fair to all I must say that Middle Daughter is a good girl. She is active in school..keeps her grades up...has a bunch of friends and is well adjusted and happy. We have had many a talk and laid some serious groundwork on how this whole dating this should work. Now the boy on the other hand has a bit of a reputation. He is a good kid, I like him. He just is kind of on his own and has made some..not good choices. I am all for giving someone a chance when he asks for it though. And he has asked for it where she is concerned and is really good to her. That said she is not allowed to have a boyfriend until her birthday rolls around on the second. Which is why the hubby lost his ever lovin' mind when he walked around the corner and saw them holding hands. To say much ummmmm "talking" went on last night would be an understatement. your mothers and thank them profusely if they ever got in the middle of a father daughter spat!! Thank them now!!! WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE...CALL THEM AND THANK THEM! The boy got a stern talking to in front of his friends (poor poor boy!!) and then the Capt took Middle Daughter home in disgrace. Good times. Take note mommas of young girls not yet dating...this is where you come in. You take a deep breath and "explain" to the fire breathing protective daddy that it is not the end of the world. It is not a big deal. That we will continue to keep the lines of communication open..that we will sit down with Middle Daughter and talk talk talk and then LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN. That we will not wait for failure. We will expect her to act like we raised her right...cause my peeps..she is a good kid. At the end of the night all was well again. Talking and listening went hand in hand. The fire breathing dad was subdued. Middle Daughter was safely asleep. Where was I???? I was in bed pondering the whys of it all!! Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. Any and all prayers would be greatly appreciated. Any and all good thoughts sent my way would be ....getting the idea??? Oh did I say call your momas???!


The Jen said...

Elisie-pie is 7. Thanks to you, Mrs. Momma-of-Middle-Daugther and Fire-Breathing-Capt... I'm huddled in the corner weeping trying to figure out how I can keep the next 8 years from happening!!! Fear is NOT my friend. :) heehee

ps- Good luck to Fire-Breathing-Capt when Oct 2nd rolls around!!!!


Tiki said...

All I've got to say is husband does own a shot gun. He has already told me that when her first date comes to the house to meet us he WILL be cleaning his gun. I told him that would completely embarass her. He said he didn't care.

This is what I have to look forward to!

Good luck with all of this!

AVIDINHA said...

what i want to know is, where's big brother in all of this? it's his birth right to beat down anyone who looks at his little sister, eliminating dad from the situation. even though my little sister is married, her husband knows that a stone cold beat down will result from any wrong doing on his part as fast as 300 horsepower will get me there. you're a good mom dawn, one of the top 5 of all time.

Shelina said...

You should write a book - dealing with love at the different ages. Oh my. Oh my. I had it much easier.

Rebekah said...

Let's just say you have fun with that! Let me know how it goes... I am still learning from you! Miss you girl! Love you!

Rebekah said...

Your call gave me big smiles! Thank you for listening to me... and for caring to call! I MISS YOU!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Oh dear, find out what you can and pass it on to me. Scary'll have this twice!!! Tracey

Allie said...

My girlie wants to have a boyfriend and she is only 12...not!! She was disappointed and wanted to know why her brother got to date at that was different, had I known what I know now, would have made him wait...but why is it different if it's a boy?? hmmm, I will never know. And hubby had a cupboard of shotguns and afraid boys, be very afraid LOL