Thursday, September 06, 2007

Shots...and a rant...

One of the hardest things about living in Korea is that every time I try to get something done on base I run up against the "I don't speak good English" thing. I understand if a person doesn't speak English off base. I do!! I swear I do!! I totally understand that I am in someone else's country but people...when I am on an AMERICAN MILITARY BASE can I get someone...sometime who speaks English!!!!?? Is that to much to ask??????? Case in point, I went to get the two older kids their back to school shots. Easy enough right? You would be soooo wrong. 1st off the Air Force keeps records by computer now. The Army?? Not so much. So when I ask for a copy of my kiddos shot records cause the Son has misplaced his what do I get but a blank stare cause the guy at the records place can't understand what I want. When I go to the shot clinic the lady there can't understand what I want and we get into an argument when she tries to tell me my kiddos need 5-6 shots each. WHAT!!! After it is all said and done they get three shots each...a big difference from 5-6. No, I didn't take that news well. I'm thinking if you're going to give shots at an American clinic and work with American moms you should speak English and KNOW HOW MANY SHOTS A KID SHOULD HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sigh, I am off my soap box and off to have a glass of wine to contemplate my life as a military wife. Sympathy to my plite would be greatly appreciated!!!


Kim said...

Hummm. Actually, it sounds a lot like visiting my HMO here in the States! My Ob/Gyn doesn't speak English so well. Most of the time he kind of nods and draws pictures for me. ROFLOL!

Rebekah said...

No Speaka Da Englesh... I love it! I have been missing your posts. No more slacking!