Friday, September 21, 2007


I just don't even know where to begin.

Life here is busy. I've got a bunch of pictures to upload but the scanner will only work on the laptop and the laptop is going to the doctors. Here is a short recap...

working a lot
today The Son turned 18
the other day I took his girlfriend home, they were both soaked from playing in the rain, and as she is getting out of the car he rolls down the window and says, " I love you baby."
I shook the whole way home
Middle Daughter turns 15 in 2 weeks
she is allowed to date then
in group dates
she has picked the bad boy of the school to be with
he has been coming over every day
we like him..sigh
he is trying to be good this year
we are drinking heavily
working a lot
Boo-Bear came home yesterday in a tizzy
boy that she liked last year and again this year sent her a my space message
at the next dance he wants to dance with her
she is 10
did I say we are drinking heavily???
she is not allowed to date
she is 10
she is not allowed to look at someone of the opposite sex
she is in lockdown until high school
Middle Daughter had her first cheer leading experience at the football game last Friday
It poured
yes, we went to cheer her on
The Son had a track meet at o' dark 30 the next morning
it poured
yes, we went to cheer him on
same thing this weekend
Very exciting post of all things Korean and many pictures of an awesome fabric shopping excursion to follow soon...I bought 30 yards of fabric. I was on a high for days! heehee
Tracey, some is soon to be on the way. I went to mail a box to you and the post man explained I may need to take out a loan to mail it to Australia.
I feel that you people in Australia need to revolt!!! Get those prices down!! heeehee Waiting til payday to mail out.
Okay, I think that's all my news. I am off to do the girls' hair then make The Son breakfast in bed...since he is officially a man now.
Peace out homies!!!


The Jen said...

postage- Hey, you can use those flat rate boxes to mail internationally now. And I can mail to South Africa in a flat rate box, up to 20lbs for only $37. Sure, its not cheap, but the box last week would have cost me $61 for only 9lbs... so definately look into the flat rate box. LOTS of fabric can fit into one. I sent about 24 yds to the USA last week, in one for only $9.00. ~jen~

Patti said...

Dawn - you are just too funny! Remember, insanity is hereditary - we get it from our kids. It's a toss up as to who will survive the teen years - the kids or the parents. It will all work out someday - I promise. Or you could always start drinking . . . .

Anonymous said...

Tried repeatedly to call for Ant's bday. I so need to talk to him on his 18th. Tell him we love him and Happy Birthday!!!
Love Grandma A Go Go and Campin Grandpa

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Oh dear me, don't pay anything like that to mail to me!!!
I really am fine with the thought...I don't want you to have to wait until pay day!!!
And I feel your pain re: the children, I would be drinking heavily as well, the I love you especially....haven't you told the boy he can only say that to his Mama!!!Tracey

Uncle Jeff said...

Happy Birthday Anthony! I can't believe how fast you grew up! Wow..18!! Do you have a college picked out? Or do you guys know where you'll be going when you get back to the states?

Happy birthday newphew!

Uncle Jeff