Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Heard while at dinner....

I took the girls to a rib place last night..........mmmmmmmm buck a bone night!!...and while we were waiting in line The Boo Bear was telling me I needed to fill out a form so she could take Motrin during the day at school if she felt a headache coming on. My girl likes to be prepared for any and all aches and pains. She told me that if I didn't fill out the form and she got caught with some Motrin in her backpack they treat it just like having real drugs. Our conversation went thusly....

Her: Momma....momma....momma....

Me: What??

Her: I brought home a green form that you need to fill out so the nurse knows I can take Motrin.

Me: Why do you need to take Motrin?

Her: I might get a headache.

Me: OK, now stop talking to me while I figure out how many ribs I want.

Her: Yeah and if you don't fill out the form and I have Motrin in my backpack you can get in trouble like if you had real drugs.

Me: Hmmmmmmmmmmm maybe 7......7 ribs should just about do me. Ohhhhhh they have cornbread!

Her: It would be like if I had Pot in my backpack!! Or Weed!

Me: Honey, you do know that Weed and Pot are the same thing right?

Her: They are??

This is when everyone in line starts laughing hysterically. Me included.

Her very insulted now: You know maybe you should be happy that I didn't know the difference!

She is so very right. heeheeheeheehee


mascanlon said...

Lovely laugh to start my day!

Chocolate Cat said...

Poor Boo Bear! Hope you filled out the green form for her!