Monday, November 17, 2008


The hubby came home last week and promptly took two days off. We headed out every day for parts unknown. Laundry was forgotten. Dishes were made and ignored. Then the weekend. More parts unknown. Some getting into strange cars by mistake. Books read. Church gone to. Housework undone. Laundry slowly becoming a mountain of scariness. See, I had a plan. Monday I was going to hit it and hit it hard. There were some minor glitches. The hubby is going to drive to his Grandmothers home this week and will need to pack. As he is leaving today (Monday) he, just like a man, waited until today to get to it. I processed the fact that he would be in my way and would be needing me to help him find stuff.......I had a minor fight with him in my head all by my lonesome...then I accepted it and moved on. Our middle daughter wasn't feeling at all well this weekend but I just knew that the planets would align and she would be fit as a fiddle come Monday morning and get outta my hair. The Son would go to work (special blessing on Big Lots for hiring my boy!) and Boo-Bear would head to school. I would work around the hubby and by the time night rolled around my laundry (shudder!) and my house would be all clean once again.


Cue the 5:30 am wake up from Boo-Bear saying her tummy hurt...and her leg....and her right eyeball...and a toe. I tried to muster up some sympathy but int-netz! she has been on this complaining kick for the past month and she is driving me to drink! I sent her back to bed and told her she would be going to school AND IF SHE WOKE ME UP AGAIN BEFORE 7AM THERE WOULD BE HOLY HELL TO PAY. Ahem. She went to bed. Cue Middle Daughter. She came in my room and told me she felt awful. I felt her head and yep, she had a fever. I sent her to bed. Cue the argument with the hubby about how she should take a Motrin and try to get through the day. Now this child never complains. She does what needs doing even if she doesn't feel good. If she asks to stay home you can bet she is well on the way to bird flu. As the argument started to get good I threw back the covers, said FINE! then stomped into her room to rub her back and tell her that she should take a shower then see how she felt. I then decided that I would clean everything but my HUSBANDS STUFF AND I WOULD NOT DO HIS LAUNDRY! That would show him! HMPH!

She got herself up, got dressed, made some tea, had some Motrin, sat on the couch...and started to cry. OH HECK NO! I tucked her back into bed.
Around that time Boo-Bear started to get herself ready for her day. I was thiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to getting her out of the door. She was singing. She had eaten breakfast. Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close!! As she was getting her shoes on she stopped and looked at me all panicky. You mothers out there know this look. Yep. She ran to the bathroom and got sick. She is now on the couch with a bucket.

Let us recap: Hubby......watching ESPN and thinking about what to pack and how he will need my help.
Middle Daughter....upstairs in bed. Sure to sleep for a couple of hours and then need liquids and soup and more Motrin.
Boo-Bear...on the couch drawing pictures. A bucket by her side.
Laundry.....upstairs giggling at me.
Dishes......having a partyin the sink.
Floors....remembering a time when they were clean and sparkly.

Are the any Catholics out there?? On your way to mass this morning could ya light a candle for a sista??? Hmmmmm?? Anyone???


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only SAHM that loves mondays!!! Good luck with the kiddos! Hey I found some coffee mocha over here in the land of Aloha!!! Luv' Ms. Carmen

Shasta Matova said...

Wow! I hope your girls start to feeling better, and the Capt has laundry facilities wherever he is going!

Jodi said...

Somehow you make puking funny too! :)

I sure hope you all heal and hubby left the house with clean undies. ;)

Leigh said...

Oh girl......I'm so sorry. Are the girls feeling better today? I think the Capt needs to understand the inner workings of a laundry room. ESPN isn't going to wash his clothes. MEN!

Hope Tuesday is better!

Chocolate Cat said...

Do they not understand that you had your day all planned???? I so hope the girls are feeling better very very soon and I hope the laundry fairy has visited while you have been nursing them!!