Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday....

This morning my brother, my mom and I went out to tackle Black Friday. Got up at the ungodly hour of 5 in the ayem. (I didn't know it could get so dark out.) We grabbed a cup of coffee and headed out to get us some of them thar deals. We were feeling the excitement of the hunt....walked into Walmart and the excitement died right there. On the spot. OMG people. Everyone in Dayton was in Walmart. The lines ended up at the entrance door. They wrapped all the way around the store and through isles.......through the clothes racks. It was ugly int-netz. Ugly.
My brother was after a large TV so we headed out to Best Buy. SCORE on the TV!! I stood in the line for TV pickup and made a couple of friends. :) I was out amongst the people and was enjoying life.
After Best Buy we needed some breakfast and headed over to Bob Evans.......two eggs, two biscuits, some sausage, home fries and coffee later we headed over to The Sanctuary otherwise known as Barnes and Noble. It was so peaceful in there. I grabbed two books and found a cozy chair. After about an hour we were recharged enough to try Toys R' Us. Again, OMG!! We walked in, took a deep breath and walked back out. This is about the time when I decided I needed a nap.
Nap time took two hours, then the hubby and I hit Big Lots. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause. The hubby shot his baby browns at me and the next thing I knew I was telling myself "Self, treadmill be damned!!! That there man of yours need a flat screen!"
I am looking at it right now. What was I supposed to do??? He even flashed his very cutie-fied smile at me. I was toast as soon as I walked into the store.

Hope everyone had a very good shopping experience! For those of you who are saner....hope you had a wonderful day with friends and family sitting in a warm home. :)
I am off now to help program the TV.


Leigh said...

Have I got some Black Friday stories, but right now, I am too tired to tell them. I will update the blog tomorrow!

Chocolate Cat said...

Glad you survived!!! Hoping I'll have some boxing day sales tales to tell but then again I see the crowds and lose my motivation!!!

Anonymous said...

You are a brave soul! I haven't ventured out on a black friday since the 1999 incident.