Friday, November 14, 2008

My Daughter is a computer genius!!

How do you all like the new look???? Middle Daughter hooked me up!

I am laying in bed, right now as we speak, moaning about my procedure and how bad it hurt and how nothing will ever be the same and could someone get me some ice cream cause that will make it all better. She took pity on me and said she could make a template for my blog.
We searched for the one I wanted and within 5 minutes she did some HTMLing and wallah! I am so Christmassy and festive.

Okay, back to moaning about the procedure. Man oh man! MAY-AN!!!!! It wasn't like childbirth or anything but when the doctor says your cervix is moving and she needs to clamp it down you know you are in for a hella-hurtin. I think I may have stopped breathing for a second cause she looked up and asked if I was okay. Was I okay?!?!?!! My very life was flashing before my eyes and she wants to know if I'm okay!!
After it was all over the hubby took me out to lunch. After lunch I came home and took a leeeetle pain pill and slept like the dead for three hours.

Can I just ask right now, right here, why do the womens have to have all the fun?? Why can't men have their cervixes clamped on once in awhile!

Excuse me while I go and find some ice cream and ponder the ways of the world. :)


Leigh said...

I'm so sorry. But on the upside, it is over now!

Lauren The Artist said...

Your blog is beautiful! And I'm sorry there was a *clamp* involved in your afternoon of fun. It will be worth it.

Mary Johnson said...

I agree - not much fun to have *female* related procedures. Heck - having a pelvic once a year is more than I want to have done.

Love the new Look - I'm trying to decide whether to wait until we get a good snow this year and take a new header photo or use one from last year.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you had to go through it, but hope it helps. My legs are crossed for you.

Anonymous said...

Wowser! Sorry. I'm sure that scientific research can be found about ice cream and it's healing powers, eat up, you earned it. ms. Carmen, (gave up on my blogger id thingie!)