Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Dear Lady In Half Off Books,

Memeber me?? I was the woman who was on the floor looking at the quilt books very happily while her hubby was over in the Very Big Books With Very Long Words Section. When I stood up and saw you waiting patiently to get a look yourself I smiled at you and said "Am I in your way?" You said back that no, I was fine and continued to wait. I, again, smiled my 50 watt smile and said, all bubbly and perky, "Are you a quilter?" You looked at me for a second and said yes. I felt for a second that we were kindred spirits. That is why I jumped up and down and said "Me Too!!" I know that when you just said Hmmmmmmmmm and walked away you really meant to say "why sweetie that is wonderful! What projects are you working on?? Lets swap phone numbers and be bestys!!" You were probably just shy.

I just wanted you to know that as you walked away with your walker I was not following you. Really. No need to think I was a stalker. I was just on my way to peruse the $2 book section before the hubby got bored. I am on limited time in a book store with that man of mine. He does not understand my need to buy as many books as I can and then read them all the next day. If I smiled at you every couple of seconds and that is what made you scoot out the door I wish to apologize.

Now when I was running after your car yelling at you to give me your phone number so we could quilt together and have coffee and that age is just a number and who cares if you are 90 and I am a spry 39 that our friendship was destined....yeah..sorry about that too. I guess that WAS being a little stalkerish.



Lauren The Artist said...

See- piece of cake!

hehehehehe. I'm glad you got to enjoy the book store.


Anonymous said...

My personal ad reads:
SAHM seeks coffee lover with a shopping habit! Where are the girlfriends in the land of Aloha???
Luv' Ms.Carmen.

Leigh said...

Was there some kind of headline on Fox & Friends before the Ya-Yas came back? Like, "they are coming back, avoid at all cost." Where is the hidden camera people?

But you know, you said something to the ole bag, you tried.