Thursday, November 06, 2008

sewing rooms...

Anyone else out there like looking at the sewing rooms of others?? I do! I found two really neat sites and thought I'd share.

You go here and here.

Some of these rooms will leave you drooling!!!



Mary Johnson said...

No, I don't even want to look! When I first got my longarm, we converted a large 2 car garage into my studio...built in book cases for fabric, room for the longarm, the sewing machine - great light... I really hated leaving it when we moved to Minneapolis. The apartment wasn't too bad - I had two rooms and a wide hallway all to myself and only had to go a few steps from one to another - a big walk-in closet for storage, a bathroom.

Now I love where our townhouse is located and it's very nice but I have a smallish first floor room for the longarm with very poor light, and two floors up is my sewing room. I'm constantly running up and down TWO flights of stairs..well, actually 4 flights because each floor has 2 sets of stairs.

I ordered track lighting for the longarm room today...I know I have a lot more space than most people so I'll make it work and try to keep my whining to a minimum....but it was hard giving up that studio!