Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Cake...and a very fashion forward 12 year old.

This is the great saxophone cake we had made for Boo-Bears party last weekend. Was it good! She had no idea what cake we got for her and oh my goodness her reaction was even better then I'd hoped for. :)

Here is my baby blowing out her candles wearing her part-ay finery. She had spent the night at a friends house...she had a sleepover party...and I got her home 20 minutes before the first guest arrived. I was running around the house doing last minute things when I happened to look out the window and spotted my girl in a tie dyed t-shirt...stripped pink gingham capri's...and her hair. Good gracious. I guess it was in a pony tail. I just sighed and went about my business.

I had the cake to help me get over her fashion sense.


mascanlon said...

The cake is fabulous and so is the 12yr old. Won't be long before she's begging to go to H&M and Forever 21! Enjoy these last few moments! Hope the Major is feeling lots better and I'll bet he's looking forward to leaving his glasses behind.

Chocolate Cat said...

That is a great cake!!

Jen of ReannaLily Designs said...

Awesome cake!

Jodi said...

At 12 you can wear whatever you want to right? ;)

That is an awesome cake!

Lindsay-ann said...

What a fantastic cake! Glad she was delighted with it.
My daughter is 13 next week and we are taking a group of kids down the York Dungeon. Wish me luck!!
Best Wishes

Wonderful World of Weiners said...


Hallie :)