Saturday, May 23, 2009

International Festival Of Food....

This weekend there was an International Food Festival at the Convention Center.
What's not to like about a festival totally devoted to food I ask ya??!
We took the youngest with us as the other two are feeling grown and were having lives of their own that night. heh.

I seem to have taken a lot of pictures of the Irish men in kilts...they are my people you know. I may also have yelled out "Jesus Mary and Joseph" a couple of times so that they could see I was one of them.

See, again with the men in kilts thing I had going on. My daughter asked what I was doing and I explained to her that I was taking pics of mah peeps. That I was half German...quarter Irish..and quarter Scottish...and yes I can hold my liquor thank you very much but no, I didn't share that little tid bit with her. :)
She then asked if we could go get some pics of her peeps with her new digital camera she got on her birthday. I said sure, thinking she would want me to grab a kilted Irishman for her to stand next to. Or a robust German...even maybe one of the Scots that were standing around the beer area. Umm no. My dirty blond haired, blue eyed baby walked over to the African booth. "Hello, I am of your people and my name is Boo Bear. Ignore the hair and eye color thing I have going on and ummm yeah, ignore the skin tone as well. I am working on that. Just know that I claim the Zulu as my own and get yourself over here so I can take a picture with you."

That's my girl............. Jesus Mary and Joseph.

I took pictures of her with her camera so do not have any to load on here. I think the man from Nigeria was puzzled with why she was so thrilled to be over by his booth. He must not have recognized her as the African Princess she strives to be.

After we hob-nobbed in Africa my husband spotted these two guys....

Tuskegee Airmen. Oh yeah. The Major (giggle giggle giggle!!) was in Heaven. He walked over to shake their hands and to tell them that because of what they went through he was able to become a Major a couple of days prior. Three happier men you couldn't have found in the whole place.

They were were really happy for him and signed the poster we bought. This is where I left my hubby....cause I was unable to pry him away from their stories of long ago and my daughter was getting antsy thinking that maybe there were people in the Africa Booth she hadn't met. This was causing her much worry and angst as all Zulu's must be met and silently looked at with worshipful awe.

I found this little lady while eating my bratwurst from Germany. She was quilting. She was lovely.

Ohio, you may just make me like you yet.


mascanlon said...

Wow, looks like a good time was had by all who attended. And what a proud momnet for the Major to share his thanks in person...gave me goosebumps! Of course the Irishmen and Germans are my people too (and I too can hold my liquor..thank you!)

Leigh said...

That looks like an excellent time! How was the food? Was Boo-Bear crowned the long lost Zulu Princess?!

Jen of ReannaLily Designs said...

Oh man, that looks excellent!!! I wish we could have gone. Maybe my tiny town will host something amazing like that....

Chocolate Cat said...

This sounds like so much fun!!! Isn't Boo-bear a character??? Love the photo of the Major and his friends - what big smiles!

Jodi said...

Cute! It looks like fun was had by all.

You didn't offer to sit down next to the lady and help her with her quilt?

Jeanne said...

I always love reading about your family ... but this experience especially touched my heart: such a proud moment both for the Airmen and for your hubby!
Your little Princess is such a hoot :)