Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What do you do when your hubby is having one of the biggest days of his life and you have promised yourself that you will take pictures to capture this moment for him...forever?? Of course you get all caught up in the ceremony and the wonderfullness of it all and leave your camera in your purse.....and you also don't take pics of when you surprise him with a visit from his Nana aka The Person He Loves Most In The World cause then you would be arrested for taking pictures in a secure area.

What to do???? If you have a Jen in your life then you are set!
Jen came with camera in hand and took all these pictures for us. I cannot tell her thank you enough!!!
First up is the flags that were in the front of the room.
Pa-retty snazzy!!

The woman smiling in acute happiness is my mother in law. I think we grinned at each other all day long! heehee

After a couple of speeches about how great this all was it was time to pin on his new rank of Major. The Son took one side and I took the other. The hubby just stood there looking very nibble-able and proud.

His mother and Nana got to put the ummmmmmm I think the correct term would be the Clamp Thingies on The Pokey Thingie.

Here are mah girls waiting their turn.

It takes a village to pin a Major.

This is the swearing in of the new rank. Yeah, I was looking for some tissue round this time.
In case anyone out there is wondering if it was a happy day, we have this picture.
(Totally my favorite moment of the day Jen!!!)
Yeah, a good time was had by all...a special thanks to my daddy for driving 7 hours in the car to come for the ceremony. You da' bomb diggity!!


Mary said...

I'm so glad Jen snapped some photos that you could share with us. What a wonderful day -- congratulations to your husband.

Jen of ReannaLily Designs said...

Congratulations! I was diggin' that "it takes a village to pin a Maj" hee hee. We had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Oh, just look at the beautiful woman who made the man! We all know we love a handsome man in uniform, but you are BEAUTIFUL standing next to the Major. Those grandchildren are the BOMB. What a testament to hands on parents. Dad and I couldn't be more proud. Those two teenagers who started out in a rundown apartment in the desert have come a long way. Three cheers for you both. Hu Rah!!! Love Dad and Mom

Tiki said...

Congrats to you and the MAJ!! It looks like you all had a grand time!!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Wow, it really does take a village to pin a major!! How great was now we are not allowed to blog refer to him as the captain anymore...major sounds very grown up!!
You look like it was great, very proud, Tracey

Anonymous said...

Oh Owens Family, What a special day you all had. Kareem, excuse me- I mean Major Kareem (lol) congrats!!! We are all so proud of you & your accomplishments. I'm sure my father is looking down and saying way to go Kareem I'm proud too. What a wonderful event for all the family members to attend. Good job!!
Love, Aunt Joan& family

Leigh said...

What great pics! Awesome job Jen. Wish that the Ropers could have been there to celebrate in style with you all, especially in that hotel with Jen! Great find on that one! Congrats Major Owens!

Stephanie D. said...

Aww, what great pictures! Atta girl, Jen! I never remember to take photos when I'm in the moment, either!

He looks so proud and bashful at the same time, but Dawn, don't you think you could have mustered up just a little enthusiasm there? lol

Judy Laquidara said...

Congratulations to you all! And . . thanks to Jen! :) Great photos and what an honor for you all! I'm proud of him and proud of you and the kids. Being a military family isn't easy sometimes. Dang . . I'm glad you're a quilter too or I wouldn't have come across your blog!

Heidi said...

CONGRATULATONS!!!!! What a great acomplisment and how proud you are!!! miss grinny all day!! LOL I want to thank your husband and your family for serving our country!!

p.s. His mamma has a beautiful smile!! you aint so bad yourself there girlie!

Jodi said...

You two are soooooo cute!

Congrats again!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Wow, your hair looks great...and the kids look fabulous. Ohio must agree with you. Love the pics.

mascanlon said...

Ahhhh, you all look so happy, as it should be. And best because it was shared with many of the folks dearest to you. The pinning was the best! Congratulations Owen's family

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Congratulations all around, what a happy moment, glad there was a able-bodied-camera-person present! :)

Chocolate Cat said...

Oh Im glad there are photos to be seen and that one of you and the Major grinning is my favorite. What a special moment and how nice you could share it with so many family and friends.