Friday, May 08, 2009

On mothers day and be-heinies!

As I was taking the 16 year old to work today I noticed she was a tad grumpy. I asked her what was wrong and she proceeded to tell me that she has stress and angst. (okay I made up the angst part but what teen isn't filled with angst at 16??) The reason she is feeling all glass half empty is because she is saving for a trip to see a good friend this summer....saving for a car...her sisters birthday next weekend and the holy grail of holidays is this Sunday. What?? Don't know what the holy grail of holidays is?? It is Mother's Day ya'll!
In an effort to help her with at least one of those problems I gave her some hints as to what a certain mother in her life would luv luv luv for Mothers Day. She looked worried cause the last time I mentioned a gift I wanted more then life itself it was the quilt frame. I told her not to worry cause this gift would only cost around $10!!!! I told her to buy me a ticket to a movie on Sunday. Then get with her brother and have him buy me a ticket to a movie after that...also on Sunday. The youngest can hop on the bandwagon as well and buy a ticket for a movie after that.....yep, on Sunday. The hubby?? He can buy me a large popcorn and large soda so I can refill them all day long. After my speech and much sighing and saying Nirvana...sweet sweet Nirvana, my daughter said "are you really serious?? You want to sit in the movie theatre all day long??" I told her yes indeedy and I even know what movies I want to see! She, I am sure, was on pins and needles to hear what those movies were and since I am now a mature woman of 40 probably thought I'd want to see Foreign Films or something. I swear it's like some days they don't even know me at all. I am the woman who saw Twilight three times...okay 5! Yes, 5. Edward totally had me at "How you doin!"

Here are my movie pics in order of importance:

1. Star Trek...cause yes my inner 12 year old nerd loves her some Spock! and some Dr. Bones.....and who can resist Scotty?? I'm a mother not a hermit!! (heeheeheeheehee)

2. Wolverine...Hugh Jackman bears his heinie...can there be anything better in a dark movie theatre with a large popcorn and a large soda then some Hugh Jackman heinie?? What!!!??? You know you want to see it for that reason too!!!

3. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past....Matthew McConaughey, nuff said.

I do not want anyone to go to the movies with me. My hubby (note to hubby...I really don't care about Hugh Jackman and his heinie...really, I don't) falls alseep. The 16 year old asks questions during every movie. The 11 year old will probably get scared and want to sit out in the lobby and the 19 year old wants to see deep movies with a message like The Soloist.

Also, moms out there...we go to church on Sunday and I really really really don't want to pretend to be hungry at 6am (is it just me that feels like that???) cause that's when I have to eat their breakfast lovingly prepared so we can make it to church. I love my family. Lord knows I do, but trying to eat eggs and bacon and toast as soon as my eyes open without any coffee to fortify my loins makes me weak in the knees!!!
I would love to just get myself ready without the 11 year old whining at me that her leg hurts...her toes hurt...her tummy hurts....her hair follicles hurt...she may expire any second...all to stay home and sleep longer instead of getting her Jesus on. I would like to be taken to Starbucks where I can order a Grande Caramel Macchiato from Barista Boyfriend Will (his name is not really Will, this is just my nickname for him ever since he told me that "Girl! Love your earrings!!" I fell in love with him on the spot and am working up the courage to ask if I can call him Will and will he call me Grace) also, along with the coffee I want to get an apple fritter.

These are the secret desires of my heart. I plan on leaving hints all over the house. Lets see if it works. Wish me luck!!!!
Viva La Hugh Jackmans Heinie!!!!


Jen of ReannaLily Designs said...

I want to go to a movie too! I doubt I'll get to, but it is a nice thought. Happy Early Mother's Day!

Tiki said...

I hope you have a fabulous time at the movies. I don't think we even have 3 movies playing on Sunday! If we did, they would all be at the same time. Maybe I'll be able to see one myself, of course I still do not know what is playing! =)

Chocolate Cat said...

I can always count on you to make me giggle!!! I would never pass up an opportunity to see Hugh Jackman but I'm really not a movie goer!!! (too much time sitting still for me, I need to watch movies in portions!)strange when I can watch reality tv rubbish for hours on end in my pjs at home! Can't wait to see what you end up doing to celebrate on Sunday!!

mascanlon said...

Well I will not be spending the day by myself indulging in movie after movie (with popcorn and a large drink). I will be at my son's where his youngest sister, the lawyer has organized everyone around him and her cooking..."People", she said, "its MOTHERS day, the MOTHER's in the family are NOT cooking for all us!" Gotta love that kid! And she and my son are great cooks so all is well. Have a great day girlfriend.

Leigh said...

All of that sounds most excellent! What an awesome idea! BTW, Matthew is looking H-O-T, extra hot!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You completely crack me up... sounds like a perfect way to spend Mother's Day to me.

Kim said...

So how about some follow up? Did you get to go see Hugh Jackman's heinie, or did you have to get up at 6 a.m. and eat bacon and eggs? Seriously, you can't just leave us hanging! ARGH! (Oh, and yes, I TOTALLY get you on the whole breakfast thing. Next Mother's Day? I'll meet you at Starbucks!)